What Makes Us Different

At Red Rock, we challenge ourselves to carefully address four criteria for every project— Cost, Quality, Execution and Risk. Why? Because we know these issues are critical to the success of your project. We will ask many questions to understand everything from your corporate culture to facility expectations. As we address these four pillars of development, we will show you why Red Rock makes solid sense for your organization.

Cost, Quality, Execution and Risk


Cost is the primary driver in your decision-making process and we know that it is more than just the initial number. 
Cost is the ongoing operating cost, intangible costs such as workplace satisfaction and exit costs. Cost is also a function of time. Minimizing start-up time is imperative in making your project cost effective for long-term profitability. At Red Rock, we are perpetually cognoscente of all the factors that affect your total cost. That is why we institute an open book approach on each and every project. Our clients deserve to comprehend the complete picture so they can make educated, cost-prudent decisions. 


Quality is understanding what you get for your money and getting what you want from your money. It’s also having a facility that exceeds every one of your expectations. Your new facility represents you and your organization— and us. At Red Rock, we know you have high expectations for your development. Our team has over 13,000,000 square feet of office, retail and industrial space development and construction experience, so you can rest assured that you are teamed with the right partner. We work tirelessly throughout the design and construction process to highlight building modifications and specification alterations that will maximize the overall quality of your development. Our active project management assures no surprises!


Planning makes all the difference. Not meeting a project milestone or missing a budget line item can have large ramifications on the overall project. At Red Rock, this simply is not an option. Our senior management team remains integrally involved at every step of every project. There is no bureaucratic red tape or committee processes to follow. We meet challenges head on and rely on our experience to make sure all parties are onboard from the outset and are prepared to meet expectations. Red Rock challenges all team members, including you, to make sure the schedule and budget are never compromised. Projects from 10,000 square feet to 1,000,000 square feet are handled with the same tenacity. Red Rock principals have the experience and expertise to bring your project from idea to ideal – quickly and efficiently. 


When you choose Red Rock, you are choosing to substantially mitigate the risk inherent in your project. You will benefit from our principals’ significant build-to-suit experience and strong financial footing. With Red Rock on board, you empower us to do what we do best so your managers can do what they do best— manage your business. Our team has overcome challenging credits, imperfect sites, difficult zoning environments, and large corporate bureaucracy. We have an extensive network of financial resources as well as governmental contacts to ensure financial feasibility and fully utilized governmental incentives. The risk of cost, delivery and execution is something we manage every day. 

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