1,000,000 square-foot regional distribution facility
Dillon, SC

Harbor Freight Tools, USA

A greenfield site selected by Harbor Freight Tools, USA proved challenging because of its:

  • high water table,
  • lack of improved roads to the site, and
  • lack of utilities at the site.

After obtaining all easements, arranging financing and supervising development of design, the schedule dictated starting construction at a less than desirable time of the year— winter. Weather challenges usually delay construction, however an experienced development team can anticipate potential challenges and mitigate their impact on a project schedule.

Working with the local Development Board to secure water, sewer and road grant monies for an entire 500-acre industrial park, made Harbor Freight Tools, USA the first tenant in the park.

The project was developed or constructed by principals of Red Rock Developments prior to founding the company.


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