Be a Good Samaritan Today

Posted by Allison March 13, 2017

It's National Good Samaritan Day

On my way to work this morning, I saw a car stalled out within a turn lane at a busy intersection.  The driver was standing outside the car.  The temperature in Charlotte this morning was 30 degrees.  I only saw her as I was driving through the intersecting traffic.  "What a bad way to start the day" I thought to myself.  But what I didn't do was pull over, walk over to her and give her the blanket I had sitting in my car. I had a chance to be a Good Samaritan today but instead, I put my own needs (needing to get to the office for an 8am meeting) in front of hers.  

There will be ways you can help out someone throughout the day today (and hopefully I will get another chance).  Just think - "what would I want someone to do for me" and take the extra time and do it.