130,000 square-foot warehouse
Simpsonville, SC

BBA Nonwovens

One of the most complex and challenging transactions from the perspective of legal, financial and easement issues, the BBA Nonwovens project demonstrates just how experience can help solve unique development challenges.

BBA Nonwovens wanted to expand an existing facility without interrupting on-going operations. The new facility would only be separated by an existing common wall, creating many construction challenges.

Additionally, several easements needed to be granted so that the land could be leased from the client, construction of the building completed and then in turn, the new building leased back to the client.

Depth of access to financial resources is critical in locating a lender willing to underwrite a challenging transaction such as this, thereby making the improbable a reality.

The project was developed or constructed by principals of Red Rock Developments prior to founding the company.